Expressway Baptist Church We will air weekly sermons recorded at Expressway Baptist Church. Sermons are written and delivered by our Pastor Daniel McCrosky.

December 31, 2016  

Sermon Title: Jesus: God With Us

Sermon Text: Matthew 1:18-23

Sermon Date: December 18, 2016

 Three options:

      (1) no God with us,

      (2) God is us, or

      (3) a God with us.


Islam-No God with Us

Buddhism-God is Us

Cults-A (Any) God with Us


  1. His Name Reveals His Person (Emmanuel-God With Us)
  2. His Virgin Birth reveals His Diety Isaiah 7:14
  3. His Virtuous Life reveals His Diety 1 Peter 2-22-24
  4. His Name Reveals His Purpose (Jesus-Jehovah is Salvation)
  5. He came to search for sinners Luke 19:10
  6. He came to save sinners Acts 4: 1-12
    Acts 4:12
  7. His Name Reveals His Power
  8. He came to set sinners free-Luke 4:18, Romans 8:2
    Jeremiah 10: 6 “There is none like, O Lord, you are great and your name is great in might.”
  9. He came to shatter sin and death
    1 Corinthians 15:55-57
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